Nearby Attractions

Cedars Forest, Lebanon

Cedars Forest, Cedars

8.9 km

One of the main touristic attractions in Lebanon is the Cedars forest which is just 7km away from the village Bcharreh. This forest has a breathtaking landscape and has history which dates far back, as it was referred to many times in the bible. Today, this forest is being preserved by turning it into an open-air art museum through the work of Rudy Rahme, an artist who is creating sculptures out of the dead trees. This is a place nature lovers will not want to miss. In addition, during the winter months, the wonderful scenery and quality of the snow makes it one of the best skiing sites.

Baatara Waterfall, Lebanon

Baatara Waterfall, Laklouk

15.8 km

“Baatara Waterfall” or “Balou3 Bal3a” is a 250 meters deep natural sink whole that has been carved by water 160 million years ago. Visiting this place is a must. It is a considered a big attraction for hikers, professional photographers and tourists.

Laklouk Lakes, Lebanon

Laklouk Lakes, Laklouk

20 km

Laklouk Lakes are something you don't want to miss when visiting Laklouk. The view from the top is outstanding and the scenery in general is worth taking a thousand pictures of. 

Laklouk Ski Resort, Lebanon

Laklouk Ski Resort, Laklouk

20.4 km

Laklouk had its first ski lift installed in 1958, followed by major enhancements to the slopes and the creation of a very qualified ski school. Unlike other resorts, the area surrounding the slopes is nearly free of buildings and construction.

Salt Marshes in Anfeh, Lebanon

Salt Marshes in Anfeh, Anfeh

23 km

Wide areas of Anfeh and its surrounding are covered by salines. Along the length of the bay, the salt marshes add a typically pretty note to the landscape, especially with the traditional wind wheel which pumps seawater. The production of sea salt is a staple of the local economy. “White gold”, as it is called, provides for an inexhaustible natural resource which can thus be extracted without endangering the environment.

Opening time: Always open

Tahet el Rih Beach, Lebanon

Tahet el Rih Beach, Anfeh

23.2 km

Tahet el Rih beach Anfeh is a simplified version of Greece with white/turquoise wooden cabins and chalets. Wooden bridges, passages and balconies border the sea to give the visitors a gorgeous view of the clear water. In addition, wind wheels are spotted among the white cabins and they serve to pump sea water for salt extraction.

The water underneath the cabins is crystal clear to the point that you can clearly see the rocks at the bottom of the sea.
Ta7et el Ri7 beach is a free entrance public beach in Anfeh , but most of the chalets are private.

This is a list of cafe and restaurants where you can sunbath, have a lunch or just chillax under the sun of beautiful Anfeh.

– Chez Fouad restaurant Phone 70/830 117
– 3al Ba7er restaurant Phone: 70/554417
– Salim sur mer Phone 03/330472
– Paralia Bar Phone 78/955 811
– Istira7et al Khal Phone 03/306585

Opening time: 9 AM to 1 AM

The Citadel of Anfeh, Lebanon

The Citadel of Anfeh, Anfeh

23.5 km

The Citadel of Anfeh is located on a peninsula that is 400-meter long and 100-meter wide. That peninsula is known as "Raas Anfeh". The citadel is considered a Crusader remain, but it was an important place for many other civilizations. Many historical things like old graves, mosaic pieces, olive presses, and salt pans can be found in and around it.The citadel is characterized by its rock-cut  trench (Al-Khandaq). Historically, the trench, covered with sea water, was used to separate the citadel from the land during attacks on the citadel. A movable bridge was used as a path from and to the citadel, and its rocky base still exists.

Opening time: Always open

IXSIR Winery, Lebanon

IXSIR Winery, Batroun

24.7 km

Located on the hills of Batroun, this 17th century bastion of regional heritage was established by friends with a common passion for both wine and Lebanon. IXSIR is the culmination of their dream in creating a fine wine that will forever be associated with their fatherland.

IXSIR welcomes visitors to Basbina winery in the mountains of Batroun throughout the year. Experience what makes IXSIR different, the winemaking process, and most importantly, the ins and outs of our award winning Winery. You can enjoy a complimentary wine tasting session and choose to have lunch in the outdoor terrace.

Opening time: Tuesday to Sunday. Winter: 12pm to 4pm - Summer: 12pm to 6pm

Fees: Free entrance